Thursday, September 11, 2014

YoMo - The Open-Source Smart Meter Platform

YoMo board with electronic components
We introduce our recently developed smart metering board called YoMo (You only meter once). The board is an extension board compatible to Arduino boards. YoMo offers features such as:
  • measuring active, reactive, apparent power, current, and voltage
  • switching loads up to 20A,
  • adjustable sampling frequency and 
  • open-hardware design and open-source firmware

YoMo PCB before soldering
The smart meter platform, provided as open hardware, is designed with a connector interface compatible to the Arduino platform, thus opening the possibilities for smart meters with flexible hardware and computation features, starting from low-cost 8 bit micro controllers up to powerful single board computers that can run Linux. The metering platform features a current transformer which allows a non-intrusive installation of the current measurement unit. The suggested design can switch loads, offers a variable sampling frequency, and provides measurement data such as active power, reactive and apparent power. Results indicate that measurement accuracy and resolution of the proposed metering platform are sufficient for a range of different applications and loads from a few watts up to five kilowatts.

YoMo is further described in this paper

C. Klemenjak, D. Egarter and W. Elmenreich. YOMO - The Arduino based Smart Metering Board. Energieinformatik'14, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014

Further information can be found at the YoMo project homepage:

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