Thursday, August 7, 2014

IEEE SmartGridComm Student Video Competition - Prize $500

We invite students from around the globe to create a short video (duration of max. 3 minutes), presenting their vision or ideas on smart grid technologies, practices and systems. This year we focus on Smart Grid 3.0, the user centric smart grid. We welcome short videos which present original visions and ideas in one of the following categories:
  1. Collaborative Prosumers. Imagine new solutions, business models and applications for collaborative prosumers, the users that produce and consume energy! What solutions can you think for users with rooftop solar panels, local storage from their electric vehicles or battery banks that are all connected in a microgrid or a virtual power plant?
  2. Smart Grid Applications. Imagine a new marketplace of web and mobile applications for the smart grid. This include energy analytics, automation algorithms and demand response, renewable energy forecast, electric vehicles, etc. You can view smart grid as an application development platform.
  3. Electric Vehicles. What is the role of the electric vehicle in new smart grid entities such as microgrids, virtual power plants? How do you imagine vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and/or vehicle to grid (V2G) applications?
Think, imagine, wonder!
  • Think about the smart grid and how it has already been applied
  • Imagine new ideas that will enrich service offerings to utility customers and will engage them
  • Wonder of new techniques that will enhance the participatory role of end users in the network 
Turn your ideas into a video
Create a video of max. 3 minutes long, explaining your views about the smart grid and focus on your personal innovative solution and idea. Be clear, sharp and inspiring! imagine a better world that smarter and cleaner power grids could offer. 
Submission Instructions
  1. Create the video
  2. Upload your video to YouTube
  3. Send to the following information:
  • ​Your name
  • University affiliation
  • Contact information (mailing address and email)
  • Video title
  • Video link
Selection Process
  1. Approval of video. Videos will be screened by a jury for compliance with the scope of the competition as outlined above.  
  2. Approved videos. The approved videos will be posted on the IEEE SmartGridComm website, where visitors will be able to vote.  
  3. Top 3 videos. The top 3 voted videos will be selected.  
  4. Winning video. The winning video will be decided by the jury, out of the 3 top voted videos. It will be announced on the IEEE website on the date specified and will receive the $500 prize!
Note that only student are eligible to participate. 
Important Dates
  • Video submission deadline: 1 September 2014 10 September 2014
  • Online voting period: 10 September - 17 October 2014
  • Annoucement of top 3 videos: 31 October 2014
  • Annoucement of Top Winner: 5 November 2014 
Video Competition Committee
Dr. George Koutitas, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece
Prof. Stan McClellan, Ingram School of Engineering, Texas State University, USA
Link to Previous Video Competitions
You can see the Video Contests Nominations of previous years at the following links:

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