Monday, April 23, 2012

Self-Organization and Smart Grids

The Research Days are an annual event concentrating on the core competence of Lakeside Labs - Self-organizing Networked Systems.  During this workshop organized by Lakeside Labs GmbH in cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt, international experts devote themselves to a special topic in self-organization. The event is organized as a five days workshop in July. It takes place at Lakeside Labs in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, near a beautiful lake and Alps scenery. Invited experts, local professors, and young researchers discuss and elaborate ideas in the field of Self-Organizing Systems (SOS). The main emphasis of the workshop is on soliciting discussions and creating new ideas regarding a topic related to self-organizing systems. The event greatly supports scientific exchange, networking, establishment of international collaborations, and joint research projects. 

The research days 2012 will target at discussions in self-organization and its application in smart grids. Research and development on applications of self-organization have the potential to provide results across the established domain borders of existing research and engineering disciplines. Self-organization is thus the new paradigm to cope with the emerging complexity of networked applications. Due to the increasing complexity of components, networks and, thus, systems build of these, we face such applications more and more often. One of the great challenges of our time is the transformation of our energy system from fossil fuel resources to sustainable resources. Another chance is the intelligent integration of the behavior of all users (generators and consumers) of an electricity grid to optimize the operation of the system, e.g. by balancing energy consumption based on availability.

The research days will take place in the week of July 9-13, 2012. The opening event will start at 9:30 on Monday July 9. The days will close on Friday, July 13, at noon. A detailed workshop schedule will follow a few weeks before the event.
The registration fee for the workshop is € 500. The technical program including social event takes place from Monday to Thursday. Friday holds a special session were project collaboration and future issues are discussed. Please register until Mai 31 via email at
The research days have taken place annually since 2008. Notable results from previous Research Days have been research collaborations, several joint papers, organization of conference special sessions, and the conception and submission of joint research projects in the EU FP7 framework.

The following video gives a nice impression of a past instance of the Research Days:

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